Mackintosh LTC – Grand Slam Series

We are excited to introduce our NEW Mackintosh Grand Slam series, which will be a number of internal competitions that we will run throughout the year for youth players who are new to playing matches or for those looking to gain some additional match play experience.

The events will run on the 2nd Saturday of each half term/school holiday and will provide players from ages 6-18 with an opportunity to engage with regular competition & will give players a purpose and something to prepare/aim for during their coaching sessions leading up to each event.

The first event will be the Australian Open series and will take place on Saturday 26th February.

Mackintosh LTC – May Half Term Matchplay Day

During the May Half Term we will be running a LTA Youth Matchplay day at Mackintosh LTC for players aged 6-14 on Friday 4th June.

Playing matches and competition is a vital part of learning to play the game. Competition can help to motivate players and provides a purpose for coaching. In addition, it helps to teach players key life lessons such as learning to win and lose, never giving up, fair play and sportsmanship, plus lots more.

Events include:
8&U Red Stage – 10am-12pm
9&U Orange Stage – 1pm-3:30pm
10&U Green Stage – 9:30-12:30pm
14&U Yellow Stage – 1:30-4:30pm

All events will include both singles and doubles matches played in a relaxed environment to give players a great competition experience.

How to enter:
Please follow the link below and enter your child through the LTA website –
Mackintosh LTC May Half Term Matchplay | LTA – Tennis for Britain
**Please note – when entering only enter your child into the Singles event – they will be automatically added to the Doubles event for their age group**

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Head Coach Rhys Morgan at: or on 07929 264165.