Mackintosh LTC – Wimbledon Ticket Ballot 2016

Calling all members,

Would you be interested in going to watch the tennis at Wimbledon this year? Having been on a number of occasions myself, I can thoroughly recommend the experience to anyone who has never been before.

This is an urgent request for all members who haven’t already done so to Opt-In for the Wimbledon Ticket Ballot 2016. The deadline for opting-in is Friday 19th February.

Last year we had an excellent allocation of 16 pairs of tickets distributed amongst our members for the Championships. At present, we will be allocated significantly fewer pairs of tickets than last year due to the low number of members who have opted-in. Even if you are not interested in going to Wimbledon this year, we would be extremely grateful if you could opt-in – this will help gain a bigger allocation of tickets for the club and in turn improve the chances of others gaining tickets.

For more information on opting-in, please follow the link below:

Wimbledon Ticket Ballot 2016 – Opt-In